Inbound leads cost 61% less on average than outbound leads.


you need to start thinking about a Social Media strategy for your business marketing funnel.


It will take A LOT of time and money.


doing it, and wonder if they're really getting the explosive results they claim.

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Carolyn Monaco

Carolyn Monaco

Business Owner

recommend Karen Yankovich as a world-class social media maven. I have hired Karen for multiple projects and ongoing work since Jan. 2014. What I appreciate about her is that she brings a strategic, disciplined, collaborative mind to the table--then she gets to work online, delivering more followers and impact as promised. Re: results, Karen stands out in one case in particular where was responsible for driving nearly 1/3 of the traffic to one of my client's websites via Twitter...second only to Google/organic traffic. Meet, then hire, Karen to discover this for yourself. P.S. She's also fun."

Jenny Powers

Jenny Powers

Running with Heels

"YWhen it comes to social media, no one has a more solid grasp of it than Karen Yankovich. While the rest of it are still trying to figure out all the new mediums popping out, Karen is already testing them out and paving the way for the rest of us. Luckily for us, she's willing to take us along for the ride!"

Mike Mahoney

Mike Mahoney

Business Owner

"If you are thinking about taking your first step into Social Media marketing Karen can help you make the first step a giant leap. During a recent meeting and subsequent webinar Karen provided a clear picture of how social media marketing works in the B2B world. She terrific at providing clear steps as to what to do, and provides supporting information the strategy behind each step."

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Most importantly, we then develop a Conversational Marketing Strategy to begin the Social Media Conversations, keeping you and your business engaged with your tribe on a regular basis.

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